PRISMS™ Preschool Music

PRISMS™ is perfect for Family Child Care Centers and Families with young children

PRISMS™ evolved out of the need for affordable, quality music instruction for Family Child Care centers and the home. From the very first lesson children begin to develop a sense of rhythm, sing songs, play instruments, and explore the language of music. All the while, they are enhancing their language acquisition and motor skills. Every lesson has been carefully crafted to suit the abilities of preschool age children, including suggestions for adapting lessons to meet a variety of abilities and interests. PRISMS™  features the music of the highly acclaimed children’s performers Tessarose and Hap Palmer.

Training videos are provided for every activity. Even if you have no musical training you will feel confident teaching and learning along with the children in your care.

Unique & motivating curriculum

Child Focused

Engaging Activities

Teach at Your Own Pace

Cost Effective

Use Over and Over


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