Incorporate this inclusive, adaptable, affordable, music program in your Family Child Care center, daycare, preschool, or home

PRISMS™ is a unique and innovative music curriculum created specially for non-musically trained educators. Thoughtfully designed teaching materials and comprehensive training videos for every lesson empower teachers to provide an engaging and inclusive musical education for children as young as three years of age.

PRISMS™ is Unique and innovative!

NO Prior Musical Training is required

PRISMS™ is designed specifically for caregivers and parents with no musical training. Training videos are provided and meant to be revisited as you learn how to teach the curriculum.

Preschool Foundations Based

A wide array of California Department of Education Preschool Foundations are supported by every content area and activity.

Scaffolded Curriculum

More than just movement and music, PRISMS™ musical knowledge is built on from one lesson to the next. Children are excited to discover how different concepts are related and to learn the language of music.

Sturdy Materials

All content is designed to be used over and over. Children are encouraged to revisit the materials presented in each lesson of the curriculum.

PRISMS™ Content Areas


Children learn the names of small percussion instruments and how to play them correctly. They copy and create different rhythms and explore sound as it relates to music


Rhythm chants help develop a sense of beat, promote language acquisition, and increase vocabulary. Chants that include movement instructions reinforce the musical concept of the unit.


Colorful images and engaging text introduce children to instruments and ensembles from of the world. Children compare and contrast instruments and cultures as they explore world music.


Children’s songs from around the world support the monthly topic with an array of melodies and rhythms. Songs are sung in a range suitable for children’s voices. Ideas for expanding or improvising songs are provided.


Carefully chosen movement songs, from award winning children’s musicians, teach about rhythm, beat, tempo, and more. Movement is an ideal way to reinforce musical concepts!


The meanings of common musical symbols and terms are presented and explored through hands-on demonstrations and activities. Children discover these in the sheet music provided for every song.

The PRISMS™ preschool music curriculum contains twelve themed units, each comprised of four lessons. Every unit builds upon the previous unit. Physical materials are shipped directly to you. You can choose to receive training videos and audio files by digital download, or USB key included in your shipment.

Master Teaching Guide, supported Preschool Foundations, and teaching plans for 48 lessons in twelve themed units.

More than 200 audio and video files to support your teaching.

A total of 144 sturdy laminated content sheets meant for teachers and students to use over and over.

Curriculum delivery that meets your needs

You only need to buy the PRISMS™ curriculum once per classroom or family. The materials are designed to be used year after year making it the most cost-effective way to add music to your family child care center, daycare, preschool, or home environment.

If you run a child care center or preschool you know parents are always looking for a rich and varied environment for their children. Including Music as a subject sets you apart from other programs! Attracting even one new family to your center will cover the cost of the PRISMS™ curriculum.

Parents of young children want their children to be exposed to a variety of experiences but this can get expensive. The PRISMS™ program can save parents up to 70% over the cost of other preschool music programs. Plus, it gives parents the opportunity to engage with their children on a musical journey.

MONTHLY: Get PRISMS™ delivered every month, for twelve months. You can choose to download the training and music files or have them included on a USB key with each shipment. As low as $17.50 + tax per lesson.

QUARTERLY: Get three units of PRISMS™ delivered four times throughout the year. You can choose to download the training and music files or have them included on a USB key with each shipment. As low as $16.88 + tax per lesson.

SEMI-ANNUAL: Get six units of PRISMS™ delivered twice in the year. You can choose to download the training and music files or have them included on one or more USB keys with each shipment. As low as $16.25 + tax per lesson.

FULL CURRICULUM: Get the entire PRISMS™ curriculum in one shipment. You can choose to download the training and music files or have them included on one or more USB keys with your shipment. As low as $15.00 + tax per lesson.

Hear what childcare providers, parents, and music educators have to say about PRISMS™

The children in my childcare loved our weekly music lessons. Then the pandemic hit and we could no longer have a music teacher. We were so happy to find “PRISMS” Although none of the teachers have any music training we are able to use PRISMS to offer music to our children weekly. Through using the simple lessons from PRISMS the children are experiencing the joys of music and learning about notes, instruments, rhythm, and songs. Music is such an important part of early childhood development. I am so glad that we have PRISMS to helps us incorporate music into our weekly curriculum.
Nguyen Sanders, MA
Owner/Teacher of Natural Foundations Preschool
Wow! I am so impressed with the entire curriculum! What a gift this is for all educators - access to high quality, clear, concise, and accessible materials. I cannot recommend PRISMS enough for any musical setting!
Julie Poklewski, MM
Parent and Music Educator
Founder, Opus 11 School of Music
The PRISMS curriculum is one that keeps both children AND teachers in mind. An abundance of resources for teachers allows them to be really comfortable teaching, even those without formal music education. While aligning with California Department of Education Preschool Foundations, children explore a wide variety of sounds, concepts, and activities through this creative curriculum. My favorite part is definitely learning all the instruments. It does not just focus on Western instruments, but explores instruments from all over the world, including many that even most musicians would be unaware of! Everything is well-thought and clearly organized, I give PRISMS my highest recommendation!!
Grant Kondo, MMEd
Music Educator, Performer, and Parent
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